Flames of Winter is released!

FlamesofWintercoverI’m really pleased that Flames of Winter, book 2 of The Wrath of the Northmen, has been released! It’s such a relief to finally have it published! It’s been four years since book 1 (although in my defence I did write another trilogy in that time). Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s the start:

“Corban Sandril, also known as Roishan Darry, onetime elite soldier in the Ral Toran military, spy, assassin, and acolyte of the Council of Masters, woke to screaming pain.

It was dark. He could see nothing. He ought to be concerned about that but he wasn’t. The pain left no room for anything else. Agony consumed him. Fire burned in the stump of his wrist, sizzling up his arm, paralyzing his shoulder and coursing through his body.

Prostrate on a cold stone floor, he curled around the stump. It was still bleeding, pouring out his life onto the dusty paving stones beneath him.

Bramwell Thornley.

A name floated through the miasma of agony. A name and a face. A face he’d never forget. The face of the man who’d maimed him. Man? Hardly. He was little more than a boy.”


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