About me

small cover graphicI’ve been a bookworm since I was five years old.

The first book I ever read was about a boy going shopping with his mum. I picked it up from my brother’s bedroom floor and suddenly those strange shapes on the page made sense. I could read! Hallelujah!

I was soon working my way steadily through the school library and it wasn’t long before I realised that stories about dragons, elves and great big talking lions were by far the most interesting. And that was it, my obsession with fantasy was born.

When I’m not writing I enjoy playing tennis (badly), playing the guitar (very badly) and watching cricket whenever I can. I’m also intent on cramming as much world travel as I can into one lifetime. Funny, but my list keeps getting longer. You can never see it all can you?



Favourite TV programmes: The Arrow, The Flash, Prison Break

Favourite music: Green Day, 30 Seconds To Mars, Staind, Tori Amos

Favourite authors: JRR Tolkien, Steven Erikson, George RR. Martin, Angie Sage, Michelle Paver

Favourite films: The Untouchables, The Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, The Lord of The Rings, Con Air



Being cold, getting up in the morning, two-faced people, spiders, boiled carrots